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With special waxing techniques to alleviate pain, our expertise takes place. We use one of Australia’s well-known Jennai translucent strip wax alongside Natural look cream based Brazilian Berry. Hot wax is available upon request for intimate areas at an additional cost. We have a no double dip policy and all of our equipment is sterilised in a hospital-grade disinfectant.  

Body and Brazilian Waxing  

  • You must inform the therapist if you are on any skin medication such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Roaccutane as this can most definitely result in the skin peeling. 
  • Arrive to your appointment freshly showered if possible and bare skin. Please do not apply any creams or oils prior to your appointment as this acts like a barrier and does not allow for the wax to adhere to the skin. 
  • Avoid arriving to your appointment just after the gym as the warmth of the body does not allow for the wax to apply correctly and can result in skin peeling. Allow for 24hrs before exercise is resumed to avoid any cases of folliculitis or breakouts. 
  • Female clients having intimate areas waxed should not feel uncomfortable at any time. There is nothing we have not seen before and our qualified therapists aim is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. We do have disposable G-strings available if you do so. Simply ask one of our therapists to provide you with one. 
  • Shaving or trimming hairs is a big NO NO when it comes to waxing. Please allow for the hair to be ½ centimetre long if not more if you have shaved to allow for our therapist to remove the hair as best as possible. When shaving hair is a lot courser therefore we need it to be as long as possible. It will take a few treatments for the hairs to become softer and finer. Shaving in between wax appointments will result in the hair growth always being thick, uneven and spikey. 
  • Female clients try schedule your Brazilian wax appointment mid cycle as this is when you are least sensitive. One week before and after is our most sensitive times for waxing. Choosing to wax when menstruating we kindly ask to wear a wear a tampon. 
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