Spray Tanning


There is nothing safer for your skin than a spray tan.

At HoneySpot Waxing and Beauty, we stock a range of different brands and colours to individually tailor each tan to your needs.

Whether you’re fair-skinned or olive, looking for a healthy glow or a more deep tan, our tanning solutions are suitable for all clients.

The wash off times range from 2 hours to 8 hours, for your convenience.

Brands we use: Black Magic and Bella Bronze

HS Advice

We are a busy salon an appreciate you arriving to your tan appointment slightly earlier. We allow for a 15 minute time slot, therefore have to be on point for our next clients. Allow for enough parking time and arrive to your appointment ready to get your glow on. Clients running more than 5 minutes late will have to reschedule to the next available appointment.

Pre Tan

  • A full body exfoliation a day before your tanning appointment. 
  • Avoid applying any oils or heavy creams the night before as this can remain on the skin the following day and acts like a barrier for the tan.  
  • Hair removal of any kind to be treated 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid any skin irritations or an uneven tan. 
  • On the day of your appointment ensure your skin is clean and free from deodorant, moisturiser and perfume. 
  • Wear loose dark clothing and open shoes to your appointment 
  • Remove any jewellery prior to arrival 

Post Tan

  • Our tans have different development times, which will be discussed with your therapist as to when you have to shower. 
  • Once tan is completed, you may feel a lot darker than expected but not to worry, this is all the excess tan on the skin which will wash off in the shower. Expect a tan that is approximately half the colour of what it looks like after the treatment. 
  • Don’t shower or wet your skin until the tan developing time is complete. 
  • Tan will feel sticky on the skin, which is normal. The excess of the tan is the cause of this and will go away once showered. 
  • When showering the excess tan off, do not use a bar of soap as this can strip the tan off faster. Shower gel is recommended. Lightly lather your body to rinse tan away. Pat dry the skin to avoid rubbing tan off or making it patchy. 
  • Moisturise every day to ensure your tan lasts longer. 
  • Start exfoliating tan off after 7-10 days. 
  • For all 2 hour tans, its best to have this treatment a day before the event as it takes a full 24 hours to fully develop. 
  • Avoid excess sweating or swimming for the first 24 hours after your tan. 
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