Threading is an ancient hair removal technique used by Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. It involves twisting a piece of cotton thread into a double strand and using it to pick up a line of hair and remove it. The results are a super-clean, smooth, hair-free skin that you will love.

Threading is ideal for sensitive skin, as it is less irritating and leaves no redness. It’s also perfect for those with shorter and/or coarser hair, as the thread grips the hair well at any length or thickness. Threading is particularly good for eyebrows, as it leaves a precise, clean line and defined brow.

HS Advice

  • Arrive at the appointment without any eye makeup, creams or oils on the skin.
  • Avoid using very active creams or serums a few days prior to your appointment
  • Inform the therapists if you have sensitive eyes.
  • Helping the therapist stretch the skin around the eye area will help in the skin not getting any pinch marks from the thread. Guidance will be given by the therapist as to where to hold the skin.
  • Avoid applying self-tan a few days prior to an eyebrow tint or henna treatment.
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